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21 day OSHO meditation ↘

For those of you who would like to participate

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Decision from the head is an ugly thing. The very word decision means ‘de-cision’; it cuts you off. It is not a good word. It simply means it cuts you off from reality. The head continuously cuts you off from reality.

My whole emphasis is on this moment, because this moment contains all. Now is the only reality — all else is either memory or imagination. And even for the past to exist as memory, now is needed. It doesn’t exist as the past; it exists as a thought in the present.

So is the case with the future: the future does not exist as the future, it exists as imagination in the present moment. All that exists, exists in the now. Now is the only time there is.

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Oooo my girlfriend who I love’s period blood is so gross but let’s fight in a war and sPILL blood in the middle of buttfuck for a government that doesn’t care much about me as a human. Said every little fuckboy ever



A feminist’s favorite type of foreplay is signing detailed consent forms before sex.

the whole premise of this joke is that its laughable that we think consent is a big deal which is just fucking creepy

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Denver’s Forever


Denver’s Forever

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You would think there would be a women against misandrysts and radfems movement but instead these idiots against feminism are not only idiots in general but they’re confusing feminism with the actual crazies that want absolute superiority over men. Quit giving feminism a bad rap you stupid idiot bitches. There is no end to my frustration with ignorance

Mon was freed and everyone forgot to tell me

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